129th Society Lunch Photos

Sixty ONs gathered at Beeston Fields Golf Club on Thursday 17th January 2019: the 129th Society Lunch photos are below. Big thanks are due to Bill Oldham (1944-54) for organising another delicious event; and to Geri Thomas (former staff member 1958-77, 1983-2000) for taking the photographs. As ever there were no speeches at this relaxed, informal occasion; in the final picture David Lipman MBE (1943-55) must have been asking someone to pass the chocolate mints.

Bill Oldham writes: "It was not until I had actually completed the seating plan that I noticed an interesting and unusual fact. There were attending five members who were all at our School in 1944. Four of us were in form 1D, ably handled by Miss Reynolds, and this was our first year at the School. The fifth had been in 1D the previous year and had moved on to 1C (Miss Webb). All of us were later on in the same form and to a greater or lesser degree have kept in touch to this day.

"I hope to contact not only my four schoolmates, but I will also try to contact a few more of the same era. I have the names of the Prep School boys in 1944/5, provided, of course, by John Napier, who just happened to have the School Lists to hand when I rang him. My purpose is to try and have as many as possible at Beeston Fields Golf Club on Thursday 19th September this year for the 131st Lunch. This will be, within one or two days, 75 years since we first climbed the narrow rickety wooden stair case in the old (even then) converted terraced houses that were the Prep School. It seems like yesterday.

"Please contact me if you, or any of your friends, think you are one of us on that School List."

Now enjoy looking at the 129th Society Lunch photos!