Nottinghamshire Law Society Quiz 2019

As reigning champions the ONs' Society had the honour of setting and asking the questions at the Nottinghamshire Law Society Quiz 2019. The annual event took place at the Head of Steam, High Pavement, where an improbable 43 teams competed for the John Pearce Trophy.

The fun started at 6pm with a Name The Chocolate Bar picture round. The highest scorers (19 out of 20) won a packet of Maltesers. The serious business then began.

Jonathan Hammond (ON 1975-85) had compiled questions under headings including Stuff You Should Know, Nottingham, Law, It's All Pink, and Music. During a break for pizza and chips quizmaster Phil Turton also served up a celebrities picture round.

Shortly after 9pm the President of the ONs declared the University of Nottingham Law School B team the Law Society Quiz 2019 winners. In the presence of Mr Pearce himself, Laura Pinkney, current President of Nottinghamshire Law Society, presented the John Pearce Trophy to 'The Mountweazels' (photo above).

Many thanks to Michelle Taylor, administrator of the Law Society, for organising a very enjoyable evening. Well done to the 190 members of the Nottingham legal community who participated and helped to raise a record sum for a charity to be nominated by the winners.

Here are all the teams:

1 Rothera Sharp, Rothera Sharp 1

2 Rothera Sharp, Rothera Sharp 2

3 Rupert Bear Murray Davies, Rupert Beer

4 Freeths LLP, Freethspirit

5 Freeths LLP, Freethspirit

6 Eversheds-Sutherland, The Chain Gang 1

7 Eversheds-Sutherland, The Chain Gang 2

8 Buckles Solicitors LLP, We drink & sometimes know things

9 Eversheds-Sutherland, Alternative Quizpute Resolution

10 Eversheds-Sutherland, Pod 2

11 Brewin Dolphin, Brewin Dolphin

12 Elvin Moore Solicitors, Lots Moore

13 Elvin Moore Solicitors, Any Moore

14 Cartwright King, Cking the answers

15 VHS Fletchers, Momentum

16 Cleggs Solicitors, Cleggheadds

17 Sills & Betteridge LLP, Sill Team 1

18 Sills & Betteridge LLP, Sill Team A

19 Sills & Betteridge LLP, Extra team players

20 Uni of Nottingham - Law School, The Mountweazels

21 Uni of Nottingham - Law School, Law & Disorder

22 Ginger Root Print & Design, Ginger Root 1

23 Ginger Root Print & Design, Ginger Root 2

24 QualitySolicitors Yates & Co, Yates & Co Team 1

25 QualitySolicitors Yates & Co, Yates & Co Team 2

26 Browne Jacobson, Team Naomi

27 Browne Jacobson, Team Hal

28 Browne Jacobson, Everybody Loves BJs

29 NTU Law School, Nottingham Legal Advice Centre

30 NTU Law School, Nottingham Law School A

31 NTU Law School, Nottingham Law School B

32 Nelsons Solicitors, Ella cannot eat nuts

33 Nelsons Solicitors, Let's Get Bizzy with the Quizzy

34 Ashton Bond Gigg, Dyslexic Brians 1

35 Ashton Bond Gigg, Dyslexic Brians 2

36 Oosha Ltd, Oosha

37 Mitchell Wilde LLP, To be subject to detailed assessment

38 Poppleston Allen Solicitors, PA 1

39 Poppleston Allen Solicitors, PA 2

40 Shakespeare Martineau, Fake News

41 Robert Barber Solicitors, Team 1

42 Robert Barber Solicitors, Team 2

43 Robert Barber Solicitors, Team 3

Having handled spreadsheet and microphone duties for the Law Society Quiz 2019, the ONs' team looks forward to joining the competitors again next year.