Old Nottinghamians Society LinkedIn Group

There is now an Old Nottinghamians' Society LinkedIn Group.  It has been created to provide a business networking platform for Old Nottinghamians' Society Members.

Our membership includes Old Nottinghamians at the top of their profession and those just setting out in their careers.  This LinkedIn Group will offer a forum for Old Nottinghamians to support each other whatever their chosen career and wherever they are in the world.

For decades the Society's objectives have been ‘the promotion of good fellowship among the Members, and the promotion generally of interest in Nottingham High School.'

At the School we gained knowledge, but were also encouraged to be self-reliant and to prepare ourselves for our future lives in the wider community.  LinkedIn helps us to extend our good fellowship into our professional lives and, very importantly, to provide resources and advice to younger Society members as they set out on their careers.

Society members are established around the world and are able and willing to provide advice about relocation or setting up business in a particular country or geographical region.

Please feel free to visit our Old Nottinghamians' Society LinkedIn Group using the link below.  Just click to request to join us and, of course, please do post articles there!


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