Bingham CC v Phoenix XI

Jonathan Hammond (ON 1975-85), captain, reports on the Bingham CC v Phoenix XI charity match played at Bingham Cricket Club...

Nemesis, noun: a long-standing rival; an arch-enemy.

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Bingham CC

One of the most important matches of any season is the first. The nerves were certainly on show on Friday 15th July at Bingham Cricket Club. It was the first time for over a year that many of the Old Nottinghamians' Phoenix XI were wearing whites. For some, four or five years. For one, a few more years than that! Would the body react as quickly as the mind?

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With ages ranging from 19 to sixtysomething, we had the perfect mix of experience and youthful agility. It was a pleasure to lead out this Phoenix XI: Nigel Hampson, Max Loveridge, Rohil Shah, Matt Nixon, Henry Dilley, Ben Peirce, Adi Das, Anthony Cooper, Richard Hayes, Trevor Peake and Colin Sedgewick. Four of the players were making their debut for the Phoenix XI.

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Old Nottinghamians' Phoenix XI

Your Phoenix XI is always encouraged by ONs on the bar side of the ropes. The visible and audible support of regulars Robin Fisher, Chris Padwick, Will Woodward, Phil Renshaw and Tony Palfreman is much appreciated. Thank you also to Chris Ford, who kindly stepped forward to umpire.

Clubhouse and crowd

Having won the toss, Tommy Lloyd, captain of Bingham CC, decided to bat first on a dry, hard wicket. Henry Dilley bowled the first over of the Phoenix season, Rohil Shah the second. The Bingham openers, Hayden Brooks and Morgan Smith, dispatched Rohil to the remaining parts of the ground that Henry had not already seen the ball retrieved from.

Matt Nixon was more frugal, then Adi Das’s first over saw the retirement of Smith (three 6s, two 4s). Lewis Warner replaced him. Max Loveridge and Anthony Cooper bowled two tight overs. Brooks reached his 25 runs to retire.

With only five runs from his over, Richard Hayes' permanent grin simply grew broader. On debut, Colin Sedgewick hurled down 6 balls of differing swerve, pace, height and width. The younger fielders were busy seeking out just where in the undergrowth to go looking for the ball.

Colin Sedgewick bowling

With only his second delivery, Nigel Hampson beat Warner’s bat and debutant Trevor Peake completed a stumping. It was like watching fishermen luring their target and then, with perfect timing in a single movement, striking, to catch their prey.

Evie Hornby arrived at the crease with a look of determination in her eyes. Newcomer Ben Peirce, having conceded a boundary with his first ball, proceeded to plough through the stumps of Alex Collins.  Four dot balls followed. Peirce was catching the eye of the selection board.

Henry Dilley started the second round of the attack, reducing his pace to concentrate on line and length. Hornby was gone, bowled. Dilley was back to his best.

Chris Ford umpiring

Rohil Shah’s second over was a lesson in controlled bowling: 4 dot balls and a couple of singles. Similarly, Bingham only managed 3 singles off Matt Nixon, who clean bowled Tim Snapes. Adi Das only conceded four singles. Max Loveridge and Anthony Cooper continued the pattern of much better bowling against Bingham’s middle order.

Richard Hayes removed captain Tommy Lloyd, who, having swiped and missed the ball, had time to turn around to watch his own dismissal. Could Hayes’ grin get any broader? Yes, when he induced Tom Rudman to drive the ball into the waiting bucket hands of Dilley.

What an over next from "Mr Sedgewick Sir" (former Geography master at NHS)... six dot balls! Taylor Porter’s boundary 4 off Nigel Hampson received applause from fielders, bowler, scorer, umpires. A majestic cut through cover point. The Bingham innings closed on a total of 147.

Bingham CC v Phoenix XI

148 to beat our nemesis for the first time. It would need skill - great skill - determination, concentration... Could we do it?

No.10 watching

Nigel Hampson opened the innings with Max Loveridge. The pace of Hartland was a sign of things to come, but both openers got off the mark. During Porter’s first over, though, Hornby ran out Hampson with a throw from mid-wicket.

Rohil Shah hit a 4 and took a quick 2. We were back on track… except Tommy Lloyd’s first ball bowled Loveridge. Matt Nixon played 3 dot ball before his bails went flying. Two wickets in 5 balls for Lloyd. Not what we wanted. Time for the middle order to take up the challenge.

No1 waiting

Henry Dilley joined Shah in the middle. Rudman did not give much away. Dilley saw an opportunity to drive Snapes down the ground, but only found the bowler’s hands.

Ben Peirce arrived at the crease to create something special… only to see Shah stumped by Smith. Next in Adi Das, determined to make a game of it, started with two boundaries and a quick 2, but was soon out.

Spot the ball

Anthony Cooper, making his debut, hit 2, 6 and 1... then Taylor bowled him. Richard Hayes had a chance to make a name for himself, but the Bingham bowling was giving nothing away. Following 3 singles, Hayes tried a pull to leg... and Hornby dropped him.

Ben Peirce made 12 on debut, before falling to the second stumping by Smith. Meanwhile, Das rattled off boundaries and retired on 25 to the applause of spectators and both sets of players.

Bingham CC v Phoenix XI

Trevor Peake brought to the crease years of experience in club cricket and a relaxed attitude to the proceedings. Having taken his guard, adjusted his box, tapped down a couple of imaginary bumps on the pitch and studied the field placements… he snicked Snapes to Collins at leg-slip. The umpire’s finger was wavering, but Trevor was already walking back to the clubhouse, confirming his own dismissal.

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Richard Hayes driving

Could Colin Sedgewick, our Number 11, together with Hayes, carry us home to victory? Both batsmen were reluctant to lose their wicket, showing Hornby the respect that her straight bowling deserved. They could only add one run off her over.

When a slower ball from Collins passed by Hayes with just enough momentum to remove a bail, Adi Das returned to carry on where he had left off. The Phoenix needed 58 runs from two overs. Das scored another 11 and “Mr Sedgewick Sir” 3. Bingham CC had won the match by 44 runs.

As the sun set we enjoyed the hospitality of the home team. The bar was open and the pizza oven fired up. There was also the matter of the charity raffle. Could the Phoenix XI at least win something this evening? Tony Palfreman's name was drawn for an M&S Martini Cocktail. Phil Renshaw took home a  £25 Voucher for Mad Dog Sports and a bottle of red wine.

Richard Hayes, Jonathan Hammond & Robin Fisher

The players and spectators had raised £800 for the two charities. Bingham CC had nominated the mental health charity Andy’s Man Club. The Old Nottinghamians had chosen the Nottingham branch of Childline. It costs about £4 to answer every call or email to Childline. The £400 we raised will enable 100 children to get the help and support they need. Thank you to everyone who contributed. You have made a massive difference to those children.

Jonathan Hammond (ON 1975-85)

(Proud) Captain of the Old Nottinghamians’ Phoenix Cricket XI, Fixture Secretary, Team Selection Manager, Kit Man, Head of Post-Match Catering, Scorer, Team Photographer, Match Reporter, Head of Social Media & Beer Barrel Tapper

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Bingham CC v Phoenix XI