old nottoinghamians cricket

For many years, dating back to at least the 1950s, the Old Nottinghamians' Society ran a cricket club.  It was the success of the club, along with that of Old Nottinghamians Rugby Club (now Nottinghamians RFC) that led the Society, in 1965, to acquire its own sports ground at Adbolton and, in due course, to rebuild the pavilion there.  The ground remains one of the great success stories of the Society and, in 2017, the Society celebrated 50 years of cricket at Adbolton, the club having played its first game there as owners in 1967.


The migration of ONs away from Nottingham that built during the 70s, 80s and 90s made it harder and harder to maintain a settled and competitive side, and the club played its last game in the late 1990s. (The rugby club continues and plays all its home matches at Adbolton).  In the summer months, Adbolton has been the home ground for West Bridgfordians CC, at least at weekends.


Inspired by a speech made at the 50th anniversary lunch by Tony Palfreman, long-time servant of ONCC, of the Society (as President and Secretary) and of the School (as Clerk to the Governors), the Committee resolved to bring Old Nottinghamians cricket back to Adbolton in 2018.  The Phoenix duly rose from the ashes!  The Society now puts out a T20 side, to play friendly games on Thursday nights against other teams of like composition.  Any ON is welcome and encouraged to join in, if they love or like cricket (or don't dislike it), enjoy the game or would like to play.  It's not essential to be an ON to be part of it - but it will certainly help.

If you would like to be involved in ONs' cricket at Adbolton, please email the Society Secretary, who will alert our team manager.