These just in from the Old Nottinghamians Society Curry Club Glasgow Curry Night:


The Old Nottinghamians Society Curry Club has its origins in the Class of 1983, who met up again during the School's Quincentenary Celebrations and, prior to a more formal reunion, determined to meet on a regular basis to enjoy the culinary delights of the Indian sub-continent and reminisce upon their greatest of days at the same time.  The 1983 Group continues to meet, but, from 2015, extended its reach to Old Nottinghamians of general like mind and is now the Old Nottinghamians Society Curry Club.


The Old Nottinghamians Society Curry Club has three objectives:  to provide good fellowship between Old Nottinghamians; to revel in and enjoy the cuisine of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh; and never to eat in the same restaurant twice.  To this end, it travels the country in search of Old Nottinghamians and curry, meeting, so far, in Nottingham (obviously), London (twice), Birmingham, Sheffield, Glasgow and Manchester (coming soon).  It provides an opportunity for Old Nottinghamians living locally and who may not always be able to travel back to Nottingham to gather together with other Old Nottinghamians.  Informality is the order of the day and, in London, in particular, Curry Nights are a refreshing and no less enjoyable contrast to the formal Annual Dinner in November.  The dress code is casual, speeches are rarely made and are impromptu if they occur, the assembled company always enjoys itself.

 The Red Fort, Soho.

The Club is organised by the President and presided over by The Balti-Meister, Murdy, A.J. (ON 1976-83).  Anyone wishing to connect with the Curry Club or invite a visit to their home town should contact the Society - - and suggest a location.

The Red Fort, Soho.
 The Viceroy, Birmingham
  Mother India, Glasgow.

In 2017, the Curry Club visited Birmingham, London, Sheffield, Glasgow and Nottingham.

In 2018 the Curry Club expects to visit Manchester, London, Nottingham and one other city, yet to be announced - could it be yours?